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Our UIC Alumni


2019-2022 Brian Bassiri-Tehrani, MD

2019-2022 Edward Daniele, MD

2018-2021 Matthew Hagan MD

2018-2021 Christopher Micallef DO

2017-2020 Daniela Atencio MD

2017-2020 Brian Shafa MD

2016-2019 Karina Alexander MD

2016-2019 Rebekah Zaluzec DO

2015-2018 Lisa Hwang MD

2015-2018 Jamie Spitz MD

2014-2017 Monica Wentworth MD

2014-2017 Turkia Abbed MD

2013-2016 Brain Rosett MD

2013-2016 Stephanie Cohen MD

2012-2015 Kimberley Clawson MD

2012-2015 Mathew Ranzer MD

2011-2014 Karina Quinn MD

2011-2014 Mazen Harake MD

2010-2013 Banjamin Lilliav MD

2010-2013 Sara Yegiyants MD

2009-2012 Suhair Masquisi MD

2009-2012 Victor Hassid MD

2008-2011 John David Hayes MD

2008-2011 Adam Silverman MD

2007-2010 Wei F Chen MD

2007-2010 Stanley Harper MD

2006-2009 Ryan Hoffman MD

2006-2009 Aisha D White MD

2005-2008 Pirko Maguina MD

2005-2008 Kara Criswell MD

2004-2007 Pedro Rodriguez MD

2004-2007 Brian Porshinsky MD

2003-2006 Bryan Criswell MD

2003-2006 Glenn Hermann MD

2002-2005 Sara Hagarty MD

2002-2005 David Morris MD

2001-2004 Steven Sigalove MD

2001-2004 Karim Benitez-Machand

2000-2003 Jaleh Eslami MD

2000-2003 Forrest Wells MD

If are interested in getting a complete list of UIC Plastic Surgery Graduates from the previous century, please feel free to contact us. 

We understand that some of our applicants want to reach out to every graduate or at least run a background check.

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